'For Now'(1999)

'For now' was released in February 1999. It contains songs which were culled from extensive live performances throughout northern NSW and along the state's east coast from the previous three years. The CD features Luke's unique style of stompbox, guitar and vocals in a soulful, melodic blend of rock and folk. In a variety of energies from the smooth and relaxed to a joyful, hardworking rage, Luke communicates from his depths in each performance.

‘Laments and Praises’(2001)


'Laments and Praises' was recorded live in October 2000 at Southern Cross University's contemporary music building. Accompanied by vocalists Rebecca McArdle, Ruth Cassie-Batchelor, Robyn Martin and guitarists Adam Bradbridge and 'Uncle' Trevor Roberts, the CD is a collection of songs of spiritual longings, trials and sufferings. Most of the songs are intensely personal Vassella originals including an interpretation of Psalm 23.

The CD was recorded with an 'unplugged' atmosphere that includes audience applause and live room ambience. Tonally, the album has a smooth finish with guitars, harmonies and Vassella's trademark stomp-box. Andrew Bardsley, designed the layout with some excellent photography.

‘Between The Devil & The Deep Blue’(2001)

A band album with an authentic live feel to it, very few overdubs and 'fresh' sounding vocals. The songs navigate a passage through false hopes, faded dreams, and lost love. Intimate and introspective, the album is crafted in and out of a meloncholic groove. Not totally rock and not all country either, but it could be soulful country-pop-rock! 'Between the devil and the deep blue' has a style and feel somewhere between Chris Isaak, Crowded House, and Cold Chisel!

'Foreign Language'(2005)     

'Foreign Language' was released May 2005. Within the overall unity of the album there is a rich diversity of words and music, themes and moods. From mellow tracks like "Emotion Talking" and "No Explanation" to the rockin "Keepin On" and "Satellites" to the earthy narrative of "Grand Hotel" and the questioning of "Nature of a Man", this is an album full with feeling.

"...an absorbing collection of heartfelt songs in the tradition of Neil Finn and David Gray. With an emphasis on atmosphere and lyrical depth..."- Kim Cheshire, CM Muster Update July 2005

"Themes of travel and internal conflict dominate Vassella's lyrics, which never veer into corny or trite territory"- Sarah Jones, Time-off, June 15th 2005

"Foreign Language is more than a release of strong original tunes; it's a showcase of the gentle beauty of Luke's voice" - Tabatha Fulker, Northern Star, May 13th,2005

"If you've ever wondered what Neil Finn would sound like if he got into country, here's your answer..."- Brett Collingwood, RAVE magazine, 28th June 2005

"...unashamedly Australian in his lyrics and in his wry, soulful delivery...Vassella's gift lies in his sincerity"- Jason Walker, LAST magazine, Sydney, July 2005

"There's a certain Neil Finn quality about Luke Vassella, and not just in the tone of his voice but in his innate sense of melody and harmony"- Michael Smith, The DRUM MEDIA, 16th Aug 2005

'The Big Tin Shed'(2009)

'Popular North Coast singer/songwriters, John Gift and Luke Vassella, have been entertaining audiences, recording albums, receiving awards and touring throughout Australia and overseas for the past 15 years. 2009 celebrates the release of their first collaborative album- ‘The Big Tin Shed'. A raw and inspiring live performance, features John and Luke in full guitar and vocal harmony. Fresh interpretations of their own material, as well as hearty renditions of new songs penned by patrons of the Lismore Soup Kitchen, the album is buoyed by an enthusiastic audience. An authentically warm recording that radiates friendship, hope and promise.

All money from downloads of The Big Tin Shed album will be forwarded to Lismore Soup Kitchen.


'All Those Paper Planes Part 1 & 2'(2010)

excerpt from Bernie Howitt's album review http://berniehowitt.com

The covers disc is the cream on top of a very rich cake of originals that draw on country and blues to create a distinctly Australian sound. “Dreamin’ Tonight” is gossamer soft, enticing and redemptive. Given that Vassella played nearly everything on the album and produced it himself in his “space cave,” it’s clean, sparkling sound.
He creates a sound that is deceptively simple, but joyously warm. You can feel the northern sunshine and clean air, and the hardest heart will be moved by “Come Back,” a song he describes as being about “crying babies, sleep deprivation, harsh words, and apology.” Even if you’ve never been there, Vassella draws you into his world and shares those private moments that make us all human.
“Lismore Girl” would be a stand out on just about anybody’s album. The night I saw him he’d won the Australian Songwriters’ Association award for Australian song of the year with this. His performance of it also won him the gong for best performer on the night. One play and you’ll know why. Jaunty, jangling, and joyous, it’s a celebration of life, and if Lismore don’t jump at it to sell the region to people they’re mad. “If you’re looking for me around Lismore, try a coffee shop or a music store,” is a fabulous invitation to a lifestyle frantic city dwellers can only dream of.
The album finishes with a fabulous instrumental, “All Those Paper Planes,” which apparently had its origins in a 2004 jam with fellow guitarist Leigh Ivin. After surviving on a cassette all that time it’s been dusted off and ties disc one together with a sonic tour de force.
This is a great album that deserves to be heard on a much wider scale."

'Great Expectation'(2011)

'Great Expectation' is a collection of ten smooth alternate-country songs,

including 7 brilliant new originals, and unique covers of

Ryan Adams 'Two', Julie Miller's 'All my tears',

and Bruce Springsteen's 'Secret Garden'.

Full album available on CD mailed direct from Luke, download (Luke’s originals only) available from Bandcamp


‘Ordinary Men’(2013)

I'm lucky to be an independent artist, and to make music at such a moment in Australia's history. Although the song 'Ordinary Men' had been left on my shelf for a while, when I recorded it live at the piano in early August 2013 it had something different. I don't usually play piano, (and obviously not that well...) but when I do it brings out a different quality in the vocal. I've added some overdubs here, I hope you'll enjoy it.

Earlier this year I was asked by my friend David Lowe to contribute some music to a documentary he was making for the Lock the Gate Alliance. The film, 'Undermining Australia: coal vs communities', tells the story of communities across Australia being impacted by coal mining development. The three instrumental tracks are all included in the film. In attempting to enhance David's brilliant story telling, I set about making some musical references; to our colonial history, to the tension between mining and agriculture, corporatisation and culture, economics and environment. Some of the sonic devices I used were silver coins as shakers, wooden sticks, traveller's instruments, mandolin, harmonica, the classic country sound of pedal steel.

The bonus track, 'Our Country', is also featured in David's film, but this version is a rough working mix from May 2011. I rediscovered it by accident as I was uploading this ep.

It sounded fresh to my ears.

The 'official' version of the song is on my 2011 album 'Great Expectation'.

released 19 September 2013


-Paul Agar on Pedal Steel(track 1& 2)

-Jason Bannister on drums(track 2)

Photography by Ben Lynch bluetulipimaging.com.au

'Mighty Dollar'(2013)

"I love living in the Northern Rivers. Because I love the place and the people, I'm compelled to join with many others in declaring the wealth of our country isn't just buried in the ground.

Can you hear us? Will you hear us?"- Luke

'The Mighty Dollar' ep is a reflection of his community's opposition to coal seam gas(CSG) development. The songs exhibit an urgency, commanding the listener's ear and aiming to persuade.

"I'm not usually a protest singer, but I'm compelled to be one because I love the place and the people where I live".

released 25 February 2013

Produced by Luke Vassella at The Space Cave Lismore NSW.

All songs written by Luke Vassella.

Featuring guests:

-The Winsome Gospel Choir led by Peter Lehner

-Paul Agar on Pedal Steel

-Peter Marin on drums

Photos by Ben Lynch www.bluetulipimaging.com.au

'In a North Coast Town'(2016)

Recorded in country halls surrounding Lismore, this is a collection of songs about the people and places of North Coast NSW.  

  1. 1.Summerland

  2. 2.Casino                    

  3. 3.Mountain Blue

  4. 4.Keep It Hot

  5. 5.Paradise

  6. 6.In A North Coast Town

  7. 7.Lismore Girl

  8. 8.Gently Bentley

  9. 9.Three Strands

  10. 10.Floodtown

  11. 11.Noodling

  12. 12.Born On Bundjalung Country